- Watt/kg (SAR-Wert -)

Denken Sie an Ihre Gesundheit - benutzen Sie Ihr Handy nur in Maßen, verwenden Sie ein Headset und wählen Sie ein Gerät mit niedrigerem SAR-Wert.

  • A: für einen SAR-Wert kleiner als 0,4 Watt/kg
  • B: für einen SAR-Wert von 0,4 Watt/kg oder mehr, aber unter 0,8 Watt/kg
  • C: für einen SAR-Wert von 0,8 Watt/kg oder mehr, aber unter 1,2 Watt/kg
  • D: für einen SAR-Wert von 1,2 Watt/kg oder mehr, aber unter 1,6 Watt/kg
  • E: for a SAR value of 1.6 Watt/kg or over, but under or equal to 2 Watt/kg.

Informationen zum Gerät

Splash and water resistant 

The body of the iPhone 7 Plus is splash and water resistant, so spills and dust are less of a problem. New stereo speakers provide sound that's two times louder and has a greater dynamic range. When you watch a movie, call, or listen to music, you can enjoy the rich volume of the iPhone 7 Plus. 

Two cameras that work as one 

The iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras: the same 12-MP wide-angle camera as in the iPhone 7 works together with a 12-MP camera with a telephoto lens. This ensures a sharper focus when you zoom in from far away. And with the new depth-of-field effect, portraits look amazing.  

A10 Fusion: the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone 

With the iPhone 7 Plus you can work quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the A10 Fusion chip, you can work faster and longer than ever before. You can use the iPhone 7 Plus up to an hour longer than the previous generation of iPhones. The screen has also been improved. The display uses the same color space that you find in digital cinema films. This makes your photos and videos look more colorful and vibrant. 

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