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ICT Service Desk

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ICT Service Desk

In a world in which companies and consumers rely on the constant availability of online services, the quality of service offered by the provider makes all the difference. Proximus proactive approach eliminates as many potential problems as possible at the root. Companies and public authorities can call the ICT Service Desk at the toll-free number 0800 14 888 or send an e-mail to In case of an incident, this Service Desk is available 24/7. 400 Proximus experts are at your disposal. The ICT Service Desk's mission is to ensure that our customers receive excellent services.

Our role

  • Resolve as many problems as possible on first contact and in record time.
  • Avoid incidents, thanks to excellent incident management, change management and proactive monitoring.
  • Restore the service as quickly as possible and with the greatest possible care.

Our trump cards

Intensive proactivity

An always available and well-functioning helpdesk is a great asset. Nevertheless, we try to proactively detect as many problems as possible and solve them before you even notice them. We continuously monitor our services and network. Your infrastructure too can benefit from specific monitoring.

24/7 availability at one number: 0800 14 888

First-line support consisting of generalists who can instantly assess the nature and impact of a problem. You can contact them for any ICT problem, regardless of your product or service. We aim to solve all your problems on first contact.

A strong team of ICT engineers

If the first line cannot find an immediate solution, a specialist from the second line will become involved. Here too, Proximus opts for the quickest solution: every call to the second-line support must be routed immediately to the competent specialist. This specialist not only has the relevant technical knowledge, but also the necessary communication skills. ICT Service Desk employees are trained to understand the impact of a problem, and to offer a solution as quickly as possible.

Respecting appointments

Our team actively scans open tickets and does its utmost to speed up the resolution of problems to ensure that we meet our SLA commitments and reduce the impact on customers as much as possible.

Special coordination in case of serious problems

In case of a serious incident, a dedicated escalation manager will take charge of the problem from start to finish, and will be the single point of contact during the handling of the incident.

Outsourcing expertise

Another possibility offered by our ICT Service Desk is outsourcing. In this case, Proximus employees will make up your first-line helpdesk, which will also be available at all times to your end users.

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