Premium Club


Proximus points and advantages program

Premium Club is the online loyalty program for Proximus customers. Once you have registered, you will automatically start to save points with each Proximus invoice. 4 times a year a points statement is sent via e-mail. Points can be consulted at any time via your MyProximus account.

How to become a member?

All Proximus customers can join the Premium Club without any fees. In order to become member, a valid e-mail address and MyProximus account are mandatory.

You already have an MyProximus account

You can register and manage your Premium Club account via our MyProximus, in the section « My advantages », or use the direct link « I register ».

If you are not yet logged in, you will need to enter your username and password.

You do not have an MyProximus account yet

You need to create an MyProximus account in order to have access to Premium Club and many extra services.



Choose your gift

With Premium Club, you choose the best gift for you, depending on your points. For example:

  • Free call credit for you fix line or mobile phone
  • A smartphone or another mobile phone from our selection
  • Gift vouchers
Choose your gift

Why should I exchange my points online?

  • By ordering your gift online you receive back 10% of the points you just exchanged.
  • You can consult the recent point statement and the complete awards catalogue.
  • You wish to make a friend happy? Offer your points to another Premium Club member!
Why should I exchange my points online

How to exchange points?

Go to the “My advantages” section within your MyProximus, where you will find all information about your Premium Club.

If you are not yet connected to your MyProximus, you will first need to introduce your login and password.

Via ‘My Premium Club’ within MyProximus app, you can consult your points balance and exchange your points. You need your MyProximus account for this.

How to exchange points

Collect points

Automatic points

It's very easy! Become a member and automatically receive points for every euro on your Proximus bill.

Welcome, Silver or Gold Premium?

When you join the Premium Club you are start as a Welcome member and you will earn 2 points per euro on your invoices.
When you have gathered 2,750 points*/year via your invoice, you become a Silver member and you will receive 3 points per euro.
Gold? In that case, you need to gather 7,500 points*/year and you will collect 4 points per euro.

Premium Club

*The “basis points” are based on your total Proximus invoice amount. Bonus points and partner points are not taken into account.

Bonus points

Bonus points

How to save extra points?

There are many ways to save extra points.

Request a direct debit for your Proximus bill
  • You will benefit from a bonus of 250 points
Buy a mobile phone, smartphone, fixed phone or a tablet in a Proximus Center or on www.proximus.be
  • For each euro spent, you receive 3 points (on the price excluded VAT).
  • Send the proof of purchase by e-mail at club@proximus.com or by mail to Proximus Loyalty, Avenue du Boulevard 21 boîte 22, 1210 Bruxelles. Please mention your Premium Club membership number. You will receive your bonus points the next month.
Order your Premium Club gift online
  • You automatically receive 10% of your points exchanged back.
Remain a Premium Club member
  • From 0 till 3 years you will benefit from a bonus of 250 points /year
    From the 4th year, you receive 500 points /year
    As from the 7th year, you receive 1 000 points /year
  • You don't have to do anything.
Tell us your birthday
  • You will receive a bonus on your birthday.
    Welcome: 500 points
    Silver: 1 000 points
    Gold: 2 000 points
  • Go to My advantages and click on the link "Manage my Premium Club" in the My Premium Club section.
Tier up bonus

You receive extra points when you move to a higher tier

From Welcome to Silver : 1500 points
From Silver to Gold : 3500 points

Good to know

Good to know!

  • You have more than one Proximus mobile number? You hold several Proximus services?
    We gather all your points to make your life easier.
  • Your points are valid during 2 years from the moment they were attributed to you.
  • You wish to know how many points you hold?
    • 4 times a year we send an electronic point statement.
    • But you can consult at any time your balance online via your MyProximus (section "My advantages", "Premium Club").
    • You could at the same time verify or review your personal data and preferences, consult your historic or transfert points to a Premium Club friend.
    • Via ‘My Premium Club’ within MyProximus app you can verify your current points balance and see how many points will expire and when. You can also consult the awards catalog and choose your gift. The overview of recent transactions and orders is also available.


Enjoy special advantages as Premium Club member:

  • Ongoing customer events at attractive price : Customers days
  • Contests: cease your chance and win free tickets.
  • Event tickets with your Premium Club points:
    • Red Devils
    • Concert tickets
    • ...

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