• If you watch Netflix on Proximus TV via your own Wi-Fi connection or a Public Wi-Fi hotspot, you will use the data of your fixed Internet.
  • If you watch Netflix on your tablet or mobile phone via mobile data (5G, 4G or 3G), you will use the data of your mobile subscription.
  • When you watch Netflix for one hour, you use about 1 GB/hr. in SD, up to 3 GB/hr. in HD, and up to 7 GB/hr. in Ultra HD.
  • We advise you to regularly consult your usageOpens a new window , for your fixed connection and especially your mobile data.
  • If you exceed your data allowanceOpens a new window , watching Netflix may become more difficult and you could be charged extra too. But you can request extra data.
Yes. You can watch Netflix on your Playstation. You will find more explanations on the Netflix help websiteOpens a new window .

You must delete cookies:

  1. Press the menu key on your remote control.
  2. Go to Mon compte > Param√®tres > Cookies > Oui > Continuer (in French) or to Mijn account > Instellingen > Cookies > Ja > Verdergaan (in Dutch). 
    Cookies are now deleted. Return to channel 57.
You want to watch Netflix in UHD on your TV? You must have this TV Box (see below), a UHD compatible TV, the appropriate Netflix subscription and sufficient connection speed. Check on NetflixOpens a new window if you can  watch Netflix in UHD.
V6 decoder with 4 LEDs

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