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Connection to the Proximus infrastructure

Why connect buildings to the Proximus infrastructure in an early phase of their construction, without activation of products and services?

Because this utility connection is an asset for your building and an advantage for your future customers, with less interventions in the public domain. You’ll avoid the pavement being opened several times for utility connections.

Get your connection with the help of our technical information. This documentation is updated on a regular basis, subscribe and stay updated.

Your type of construction and zone

The guidelines are different depending on the type of construction and the zone in which your building is situated. Want to check? fill in the form at 'contact us' which you will find at the bottom of this page and you will know it quickly!

Single-family homes

Connection in an optical fiber zone

Technical guidelines for single-family home in optical fiber zone(PDF, 658 KB, in French)New window

Connection in a copper zone

Technical guidelines for single-family home in copper zone(PDF, 645 KB, in French)New window

Smarttube by electrician

You have installed the Smarttube? Then quickly fill out the form, a Proximus technician will come by to splice this cable onto our distribution cable (public domain), free of charge.

Guidelines interior cabling, in a fiber eligible zone (pdf, French)

Interior cabling (in the house)

Do you want your network to have efficient cabling?
Check our guidelines!

Guidelines interior cabling(pdf, French)

Guidelines interior cabling, in a fiber eligible zone (pdf, French)

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Brussels-Capital Region

Hainaut, Namur, Walloon-Brabant

East and West Flanders

Antwerp, Limburg, Flemish-Brabant

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Renovation or demolition foreseen?

It’s best to have the existing connection to our infrastructure temporarily removed by our services when you’re busy with a structural renovation.
That way you will avoid damaging our network.

Important information for the developer

By providing Proximus infrastructure in the public domain, we ensure that future customers can use our services or those of another provider that uses our network.

Proximus, like other utility companies, will charge for works in the public domain, in lots where new streets are being built. In practice, this means:

  • €500 (VAT incl.) study cost per project
  • €95 (VAT incl.)/living unit (house, apartment or business unit)

Note: the trenches are not provided by Proximus as part of the infrastructure works and must therefore be provided by you.

For each new request you will receive an offer in advance, which gives you a clear idea of the costs of your project. After the works, you will receive a bill.