Follow the instructions

  1. Check that the little lever on the back of the Wi-Fi Bridge is in "Auto" position Auto button
  2. Plug the Wi-Fi Bridge in to an electrical socket near the  b-box/Internet Box.
  3. Switch on the Wi-Fi Bridge by pressing the button Power at the back. The Power LED green led will light up.
  4. Press for 2 seconds on the WPS button of the  b-box/Internet Box.
  5. Within two minutes, press for 2 seconds on the WPS button of the Wi-Fi Bridge. The WPS leds on the two devices will light up. The wireless led and link quality LEDs of the Wi-Fi Bridge light up: your Wi-Fi Bridge is now connected to the  b-box/Internet Box.
  6. Unplug your Wi-Fi Bridge and plug it back in near your TV Box.
  7. Connect the Wi-Fi Bridge to the TV Box using an Ethernet cable.

If you have several TV Box, install one Wi-Fi Bridge per TV Box.

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