Pickx via Chromecast

Thanks to Google Chromecast, you can display your Proximus Pickx app on a bigger screen (a TV screen or computer screen). The condition is that your mobile or tablet is connected via the same Wi-Fi network as Google Chromecast.

  1. Connect your Google ChromecastOpens a new window to your TV.
  2. Connect your mobile phone or tabletOpens a new window to the same  Proximus wi-fi network as the Chromecast connected to your TV (not a Public Wi-Fi). The Chromecast icon icon including a screen with network icon appears at the top right of the screen of your mobile phone or tablet.
  3. Press icon including a screen with network icon and select the device on which you want to broadcast TV (your TV for example).
  4. Choose in the Pickx app the program to be broadcast and start the viewing.
  5. When the selected program is being played on the other device, the Chromecast icon turns red.
  6. To stop the broadcast, press the icon icon including a screen with network icon and choose Disconnect.

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