You have to cancel your Netflix accountOpens a new window , otherwise your payment via Proximus will continue. After that, you can deactivate NetflixOpens a new window on MyProximus.

Warning: Do you have one of the packs  Flex Netflix, Tuttimus Netflix or Familus Netflix and you no longer want Netflix in your pack? Go to MyProximus to change your pack.

You subscribed to Netflix with your credit card before you subscribed to a Proximus option: Netflix / Pickx All Stars / Pickx All Stars and Sports / Flex Netflix / Tuttimus Netflix/Familus Netflix at Proximus. Your payment with Netflix will be automatically reactivated.
Was your Netflix account subscribed via Proximus? You will have to choose a new payment method with Netflix.

If you subscribed to a Netflix account with payment by credit card before subscribing to an Pickx All Stars / Pickx All Stars and Sports option at Proximus; be aware that if you stop your Pickx All Stars / Pickx All Stars and Sports option, Netflix will automatically reactivate your payment by credit card.

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