Bizz Switch: 2 numbers, 1 smartphone

With Bizz Switch, manage your private and business calls from a single smartphone.

Do you know that Bizz Office Switch is included for free in your Bizz All-in?

Enjoy the Bizz Install service: remote configuration of your Bizz Office Switch, OneDrive and e-mail.

Why opt for Bizz Switch?

Does this sound like you?

You have a fix number, but you are not always at the office, work calls late at night! You want to hide personal number for professional calls and don't want 2 mobiles phones?

Bizz Mobile Switch

With the app, simply switch this number on or off to better manage your balance between private and business calls. When this is switched on, the number will always be shown with a specific voicemail!

Bizz Office Switch

Activate your fix number as an additional number on your smartphone. When number is switched on, this number will be shown and a specific voicemail is active.

Take your fixed number with you!

Wherever you go! No need to give your personal number to professional contacts!