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Roaming Agreement

Proximus Wholesale offers to worldwide telecom operators, the possibility to have roaming agreements. This will facilitate communication for your end-customers while travelling abroad.

We offer our wholesale customers the possibility to benefit roaming coverage for post-paid & pre-paid services. Different services e.g. Voice, Data and Camel agreements are available. In Data services, we offer the different data technology services including the latest LTE-4G technology:

  • SMS
  • GPRS – 3G
  • UMTS - 3G
  • LTE – 4G

Proximus has roaming relationships with multiple operators. Here is an overview of the number of agreements that Proximus Wholesale has with the worldwide operators for its outbound roaming coverage :

Key features

  • Same Experience abroad than in national
  • Broad coverage allowing customers the possibility to call, send SMS and use Data in nearly all countries in the world


  • Be sure that the most up to date technology is available in Roaming where possible