Pre-Check and Ordering


Obtain your Leased Line price quotations by click of a few buttons


This Internet application allows you to calculate installation costs as well as rentals for both national and international lines. Estimates made via this tool are only informative but provide a first indication on the prices. Proximus Wholesale can provide the official and final quotations including discounts that may apply for your company. For firm quotations please contact our sales service.

Pre-Check with Inquiry e-Tools

Check the availability of a product at an address for Carrier DSL, Explore or Regulated products

We provide you a set of Inquiry tools to enable you to perform automated checks for availability of wholesale products for your (potential) customers. Depending on the product there are different tools available on the Personal Page e.g.:

  • Wholesale Service Ordering
  • Explore Availability Tool
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Tool
  • Online check of availability of products for an address
  • Checks based on telephone number or address
  • Select the technology on which you want to offer a product to your customer
  • Checks can be done via Web interface or via an XML interface

Order Online

Submit your orders online in a fast, safe and paperless environment

  • The Proximus Online Ordering tools enable you to electronically submit your Explore, Leased Lines, ISDN, PSTN, Carrier DSL Wholesale and Regulated products orders in a fast, safe and paperless environment.
  • You can submit an order for "New" line for all the products. For certain products you can also transact for e.g. a 'Move', 'Change of Speed', 'Cancellation' etc.
  • For each order you will receive a confirmation with a Reference number.
  • For xDSL Explore products an inbuilt Availability Inquiry check is mandatory before accessing the e-forms. This pre-check allows you to check if an end-user can have a particular xDSL / Explore service. The check is based on the technical network path of the end-user.

e-Order Status

View and track your order status during the provisioning process for different products either through the Ordering application or by receiving the Order status files.

  • For your Carrier DSL, Bitstream, GPON.. products, the Wholesale Service Ordering tool provides you an online view on the status and history of your products.
  • For your Explore, ONS, Leased Line, NGLL.. products, a periodic ‘Work In Progress’ file is shared with our customers to allow close tracking and follow-up of these orders.
  • Different tools or views enable you to view online and follow-up the order status for your products
  • Using the Wholesale Service Ordering tool, you can view the status information at any time during the provisioning process and this application will also allow you to view the closed orders history for the same products.
  • Search criteria can be also used to refine your search on the tool e.g. you can directly search on the line number or provide the Reference number or search based on Order date etc.