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Bridging Digital & Telco worlds through Open Innovation

There is a missing element in the model connecting apps, content and Telcos. They’re all striving to please the same end user but they’re not successful yet to join their effort towards that same goal.

However this gap is being filled by innovative companies developing technologies and ecosystems that bridge digital and Telcos worlds and creating in turn new business opportunities.

Telco innovation can no longer be a lonely game. It is a must to open up to this vibrant ecosystem of new players building platforms that brings Telcos assets to apps and content providers.

  • Bango and its payment platform helps Proximus to open up its carrier billing solution to app stores and content providers.
  • BICSconnects Proximus mobile network to the Silicon Valley for services ranging from SMS, Voice and USSD
  • Lotus Flare helps Proximus to create a new mobile data experience giving back control to end users and mobile apps.

Such an open innovation effort is more than an opportunity. It becomes a key component of our innovation strategy with the ambition to be the preferred partner to launch new business models.

Innovation Engine

Fast-track validation of innovative concepts

Besides openness to your innovation we want to prove you this goodwill will be transformed into tangible results.

We believe this can be achieved by providing the best Proof of Concept experience whenever trying to validate a new business model.

The early phases of any new concept are key to learn and adapt so that the result of our collaboration reaches the best product/market fit. Therefore we have built internal agile capabilities outperforming our fellow Telcos.

  • Rapid resources allocation
  • Minimum Viable Product development methodologies
  • A/B testing environment
  • An innovation spirit embracing learning and uncertainty

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Market & Business Development Manager