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Mobile Reselling

Mobile Abroad

Managing the mobile International calls and Roaming calls with advantageous rate options.

Mobile Communication

Solutions for easily maintaining the mobile communication of your employees.

Mobile Data

Solutions for mobile access to data via smartphones or laptop with a foreseeable and transparent cost structure.

Mobile Devices

Portfolio of available smartphone, tablet or mobile phone for your company (Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC, Sony, etc.).

Mobile Network Performance

Easy access to services and applications, both at home and on the go (fast 3G, 4G and 4G+ networks).

Mobile Solutions & Tariffs

Enables your employees to communicate via a mobile device with all of their colleagues, at a fixed price.

Mobile Servicing

Daily management of your mobile solutions, with the necessary support and advice provided by a highly skilled team.

Machine 2 Machine

Allows to communicate with remote devices and machines in order to send or retrieve data.

Internet of Things

Based on the inter-connection of everyday objects among themselves and with applications.