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Mobile Network Performance

Mobile Network Performance

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Mobile Network Leadership

Proximus aims to maintain its technology and network leadership as mobile internet becomes the future: smartphone and tablet sales continue to grow while the range of available mobile applications is getting more and more impressive.


3G Network
  • Proximus has the best 3G broadband network, which is already available to 99% outdoor population and 89 % indoor population.
  • 3G network: the 3G network, also called the UMTS network, is the third-generation network for mobile telephony.
  • 3G broadband network: the 3G broadband network, also called HSDPA, takes the UMTS network one step further, enabling even higher speeds. Ultra-rapid surfing via your portable PC or smartphone and watching TV on your smartphone are among the possibilities.
4G / 4G+ Network

Thanks to 4G / 4G+ access to mobile data and applications increases spectacularly:

  • High capacity, allowing the technology to easily absorb the increasing use of the mobile network
  • LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4G) enables data traffic at very high speeds (experienced speed on Proximus network is about download up to 225 Mbps
  • This results in sending or downloading data is done in a flash
  • You can watch a video on your smartphone, laptop or tablet immediately, almost without any download time
Network Coverage

Geographical range of the Proximus network.
We have tools allowing to check the theoretical optimal quality of the Proximus network. These tools verify and show the network coverage for different services:

  • Voice
  • Internet on mobile device or smartphone
  • Mobile internet on Portable PC
  • TV on mobile or smarphones
  • Network coverage performance indoor and outdoor
Mobile Services Performance Pack

The Mobile Services Performance Pack offers customers three methods of obtaining guarantees on the performance of the Proximus services:

Service Level Objective (SLO): clear descriptions of each Proximus mobile service offered.
Reporting: reporting of the actual performance of the Proximus mobile network.
Service Level Agreement (SLA): if necessary, we can create a customized SLA in which we define the Proximus mobile service parameters that must be met for your organization, and the service credits that we have to pay if we do not fulfill our obligations.

Mobile Continuity Services

Mobile Continuity Service is a billable service which guarantees the continuity and availability of the customer's mobile services. This allows to provide better servicing to your customers

  • Service availability: is there enough network to complete a call?
  • Service accessibility: can a connection be made to make a call?
  • Service reliability: the call may be ended when I want?
  • Service performance: how much time is needed to initiate a call?
  • Service restoration: how fast is a problem solved?
  • If service level agreements previously agreed are not met, the customer is entitled to compensation.