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Mobile Data

Mobile Data

Data usage

The use of mobile technology ensures that your employees are constantly accessible. Moreover, they are also permanently connected to the most important familiar office applications.

Proximus offers different solutions for mobile access to e-mail and calendar, via smartphones or laptop. And you enjoy a foreseeable and transparent cost structure.

What´s more, we can also give your employees mobile access to the internet and to the company network. Thus from any location he gets access to the applications and data which earlier he could only use at the office.

We make sure that their mobile activities are conducted in complete security. For employees with a markedly mobile profile - such as representatives and technicians - we offer specific mobile applications.


Mobile Internet & Intranet advantages
  • Thanks to the ultra-rapid 4G and 4G+ broadband network, you can surf or work anywhere.
  • Productive, fast and user-friendly
  • Mobile Internet via your laptop or smartphone is easier than ever. Surf or work while on the go via an ultra-rapid connection to the Proximus 3G or 4G Broadband network. Thanks to Proximus Mobile Intranet you will have real time access to your diary, e-mail and company information and applications (CRM, ERP, SCM).
  • You can check in real time whether a product is still in stock without having to call the back office, you can consult your company’s customer database, and your management can track your progress on a project in real time because you can send the status files directly without having to go to the office.
Proximus Mobile Mail Enterprise advantages
  • You can work via your BlackBerry® or smartphone as if you were in the office. Surf wherever you are and receive e-mails on the move as easily as you would an SMS.
  • What's more, you can automatically and wirelessly synchronize your calendar, contacts and e-mails on your BlackBerry® or smartphone with your work PC. All for a fixed amount per month.
Other Proximus Mobile Data advantages
  • Productive, fast and user-friendly: you can immediately start working, wherever you are. You do not have to search for a telephone connection to read and reply to your e-mails, consult your agenda, or surf.
  • Access to your company network: your sales team, technicians, etc., have the advantage of being able to consult the most recent company information while travelling.  
  • Ultra-rapid connection: you work or surf via the 3G / 4G / 4G+ broadband network or via a hotspot.
  • To use Mobile Internet or Intranet you must have:
  • A laptop (with 3G/4G USB modem or built-in 3G/4G modem) or compatible smartphone
  • A SIM card: this can be the one in your mobile, but it is simpler to opt for an extra SIM card that is linked to your Mobile Internet subscription
  • A Mobile Internet or Intranet subscription

For all these applications a dedicated explanation or demo can be provided by your Sales Account Manager.