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Machine 2 Machine

Machine 2 Machine

M2M usage

Machine-2-machine is the bi- or unidirectional data communication between machines or between a machine and a person. This type of communication allows you to manage and operate machines in remote locations either to exchange information on the status of the machine, to retrieve data recorded by the machine or to alter the status of the machine or its physical location remotely.


Innovate with your customer

Use our M2M solutions to offer innovative services to your end customers in a B2B, B2B2B or B2B2C model.

Stay connected

Ensure your business applications, services and information stay available with a consistent user experience; anytime, anyhow and anywhere.

Cost predictability

We provide competitive and predictable rates and bundles and supply the necessary tools for an efficient cost management, both for local and international M2M connections

Easy to manage

Our M2M solutions are very flexible in order to provide you with a best fit solution.  Further, we provide and manage end-to-end solutions including, a.o.,  hosting or housing of applications, back end integration, implementation of security solutions and tools to optimize your supply chain..

Flexible connectivity

Devices can be connected to the network via GPRS, SMS, CSD (Circuit Switched Data data over voice) or a combination of all three. The data transfer towards your LAN is done via a dedicated connection which provides end-to-end security (private access via dedicated APN, private IP range, fixed IP addresses, etc.)..


We provide M2M solutions both for national and international markets.  With M2M and via our networks, you can connect your company to various devices in order to:

  • perform international track&trace and asset management
  • manage in- and outdoor media screens
  • manage fleets of printers, payment terminals, CCTV-cameras, vending machines, etc.
  • as we provide a dedicated wholesale M2M tariff plan for all these applications a specific explanation or demo can be provided by your Sales Account Manager