Wholesale Service Repair

Submit repair tickets or view Planned Works that will impact your lines with Proximus

  • Wholesale Service Repair enables you to introduce repair trouble tickets for Leased Lines, ISDN PRA, Carrier DSL, Explore, Bitstream xDSL and BRUO product domains. This online application will allow you to follow-up the progress and status for each ticket you have introduced for these products. The changes made are in real-time allowing you to inform your customers with the most recent status.
  • You will also be able to perform queries based on selected parameter. A history of 13 months of all closed tickets is also available.
  • Wholesale Service Repair provides you an overview of the Planned Works on the Proximus Network that will impact your lines and services. This tool is for the Leased Lines, ISDN PRA, Carrier DSL, Explore, Bitstream xDSL and BRUO product domains. This application also allows you to manage the contacts that need to be informed in case of Planned Works or Major Outages.
  • e-Bonding provides a system-to-system integration (via SOAP web services) of some functionalities e.g. the Pre-Troubleshooting or Diagnose test. You can use this to directly integrate the results in your business or operational support systems.


Gives you access to a shared library, allowing you to download dedicated folders or documents – efficiently and at any time

  • Requires only a web browser and Internet connection - no need to install or download any additional software.
  • You avoid emails with large attachments and save on disk space.
  • Continuous access to the latest versions of our documents.


If you are a Housing customer, this web-based application will allow you to manage the access requests to the Proximus Net Centers. Besides the security aspect, this application will also simplify the NetCenter access requests management and give you a better view on the interventions performed on your hardware.

  • Web application to submit an access request using this e-NetCenter application.
  • Only the "nominated" certified persons will be appointed to enter NetCenter access requests for people (for the area you are renting). These "certified persons" are then responsible for the intervention they have requested access for.
  • At the Proximus side, requests will be screened by the Data Center Services operations team and feedback will be sent to the requestor.
  • If approved, "security people" will on their turn take care of the badge distribution.