My Bill Online

Free Proximus application which enables you to consult your bills via the Internet

What is My Bill Online?

Proximus My Bill online is a free Proximus application which enables you to consult your bills (Not including Wholesale Usage Products) via the Internet.

Proximus My Bill online is an interactive service that helps you view and manage your telephone bills in a simple manner and in complete security. Among other things, you can see your payment balance, the details of your calls (call by call) and you can consult your calls since your last bill.


Proximus My Bill online enables you to better manage and understand your Proximus bills by giving you access to the following:

  • Overview of your transactions (bills, credit notes, payments) for the past 18 months.
  • Online consulting of your last bills and call details.
  • A copy of your bill in PDF format. You can download your bills electronically to a local drive so they can be easily retrieved.
  • Download your call details in an Excel template. You are able to download details of all the calls (each call can be downloaded individually) on your latest bills via Proximus My Bill online. You can even rework these details in Excel: calling numbers, called numbers, date & time, call duration, charge, etc.
  • A direct link to the White Pages which enables you to identify your dialed numbers.
  • Consult your communication costs even before receiving the next bill.
  • Centralized overview of all bills sent to your organization and subsidiaries, all in one location.

In other words, simple, accurate, free, easy to use, and ... more control! No special tools or software need to be installed.

Electronic billing

Proximus's Legal electronic bill via the e-Invoicing platform of Basware

What is Electronic billing?
  • Proximus electronic billing service for its professional customers is run via Basware's platform.
  • We transfer the same information as on your paper bill creating an electronic file which is put at your disposal through the internet.
  • This allows you to easily integrate your Proximus bills into your accounting system. Where your electronic bills are concerned, you can choose between multiple formats: PDF, Edifact, and XML. The PDF invoice can also be used without integration.
  • All formats have legal value and can therefore serve as paper bill replacements.
  • You will receive your invoices in the secured webmail account of Bizmail ONEway. When an invoice is delivered to this mailbox, you will receive an e-mail notification.

There are other options as well for the delivery of your electronic invoice, in terms of both format and delivery channel.

For more information visit the Basware website.

  • Proximus's solution via Basware meets the legal requirements and is also completely secure.
  • In accordance with the law on electronic billing, the authenticity, origin and integrity of the content must be guaranteed. To meet integrally the conditions and the legislation requirements, we use the electronic signature.
  • The Basware e-Invoicing solution has been officially approved by the Belgian Ministry of Finance.
  • Also, Bizmail ONEway guarantees 100% security, confidentiality on the Internet and a spam-free mailbox.
  • You could also choose to archive online your invoices received in your Bizmail ONEway account.

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