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What is Disney+? Disney+ is the streaming home for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, brand new Star. Available on most internet-connected devices, Disney+ offers hundreds of hours of incredible TV series, movies, documentaries and exclusive originals. From the biggest new releases to timeless classics, there’s something for everyone.

What is Star? Star is a general entertainment content brand from The Walt Disney Company to be included in the Disney+ streaming service in selected markets. The Star brand will serve as home to thousands of hours of television and movies from The Walt Disney Company’s creative studios, including Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios, 20th Television and more, enhanced by the addition of local programming from the regions.

Is Star a separate subscription available through Disney+? Star is not a separate subscription. Star is a new content brand being added to the existing Disney+ service in selected markets.

How can I ensure my family only have access to age-appropriate content? To make sure Disney+ remains suitable for audiences of all ages and the experience parents expect, new parental controls include the ability to restrict access to content for specific profiles based on content age ratings and the ability to add a PIN to lock profiles with access to mature content. For more information, please go to

How to activate Disney+? Subscribe to one of the following Proximus TV options: Disney+, Pickx All Stars, Pickx All Stars & Sports. Before you start watching Disney+, you need to activate your Disney+ account. You will receive an SMS, if you don’t have the installation at home with a technician, to confirm you the activation of your option and then a mail. Follow the indicated procedure in this communication to activation your Disney+ procedure. As soon as your Disney+ account has been created, you can log in and start watching Disney+.

What happens if you already have a Disney+ subscription ? If you already had a Disney+ subscription and want to keep your existing profile linked to your account, then you will need to use your usual login details. This will allow you to instantly keep your Disney+ profile and features. This way your existing Disney+ subscription will be paused by Disney when you start your new subscription via Proximus, which you will pay for via Proximus. If you already have a Disney subscription with another provider, contact them to avoid double payments.

What happens if you receive a mail from Disney+ mentioning a  “paused subscription” ? You probably had an active subscription with Disney+, which is paused while your Disney+ subscription is activated via Proximus. To find out more about this pause with Disney+, please contact the Disney+ Help Centre.

What’s my Disney+ customer number ? If you need it, your Disney+ customer number (identification number), for my Disney+ option with Proximus, you can find it in my TV options products in My Proximus.

On which devices can Disney+ be watched? Disney+ is accessible on most internet-connected devices via the Disney: on a smartphone, tablet, supported Smart TV or game console: via the Disney+ app available on Google Play, App Store and Apple TV. Click here for more info. via the Proximus Android TV Box, in the "recommended apps" section. If you want to exchange your current decoder for the Android TV Box*, you can: If you already have Disney+ via Proximus: follow the instructions on channel 58 of your television If you don’t have Disney+ via Proximus yet: please contact us *As long as stocks lasts via the Disney+ website.

Do I need the Proximus Android TV Box to watch Disney+? No, you can also watch Disney+ on other devices, like your smartphone, tablet or compatible Smart TV. Our new Android TV Box allows downloading apps from the Google Play Store, such as Disney+ and Netflix. After creating your Disney+ account via the activation mail, you can log in on the Disney+ app via the ‘recommended apps’ section of your Android TV Box or via the channel 58 to access the service.

How do I install the Disney+ app on my Android TV Box? During installation of your TV Box, you will have the opportunity to login at the Google Play Store (with your email address and password). You will get access to apps for your TV, including Disney+. You can select it to be installed immediately. You didn't do this during installation? No worries, you can always login at a later moment via: Apps > Google Play Store and download the Disney+ app. The recommended apps section of your TV Box Via channel 58 (Disney+)

How do I set my audio language and subtitle language? When the Disney+ app starts, it will use the device or platform’s current system settings for subtitles and language audio. This setting can be changed for Disney+ at any time. To set your audio language for Web Browser, Mobile Devices, Smart TVs, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One: While watching a video, click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to display the Audio and Subtitle settings. Select your desired language from the list. Close the display and return to watching the video with your new settings. Your selected language settings will be saved on this profile. You can also make language changes via: Profile icon – Edit Profiles – App language -Select

How do the payment of your Disney+ subscription happen? If you’ve subscribed to Disney+ via Proximus, you will pay your subscription to Disney+ directly on your Proximus bill.

Do I get a discount, as a Proximus customer, on an Pickx All Stars/Pickx All Stars & Sports TV option in a pack? Yes: As a Flex customer, choose Pickx All Stars/Pickx All Stars & Sports as TV option and get a €0.99/month discount on the Pickx All Stars/Pickx All Stars & Sports TV option. As a Tuttimus/Familus/Minimus customer, choose Pickx All Stars/Pickx All Stars & Sports as TV option and get a €2/month discount on the Pickx All Stars/Pickx All Stars & Sports TV option.

What happens when you cancel your Disney+ subscription via Proximus? Your Disney+ subscription will be interrupted right away as for your invoicing.

What happens when you stop your Disney+ subscription via Proximus and if you already had a Disney+ account in the past – before taking it via Proximus? Your service will not be interrupted, your old account is reactivated at Disney+, go to the management of your settings at Disney+ and contact the Disney+ help centre if necessary.

What happens if I cancel my subscription to the Pickx All Stars/Pickx All Stars & Sports TV option? If you unsubscribe from the Pickx All Stars/Pickx All Stars & Sports TV options, your access to Disney+ will be interrupted right away. If you subscribe again later on, you need to log in with your usual credentials.