Who can you contact about third-party services?

Look up the service provider’s telephone number and e-mail address

Voted for your favorite artist? Purchased a parking ticket, app or service with your mobile?
Look up the details of the third-party service provider. Provide the SMS short code, the name of the app or the name of the provider. The following will appear:

  • The name, telephone number and e-mail address of the provider.
  • More details about pay-for text messages: the price of a sent and received text message. Pay attention to the date on which you sent the text messages.
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Number or app Provider E-mail Telephone Details
{{result.combinedShortCode}} {{result.name}} {{result.name}} {{result.name}} {{result.contactEmail}} {{result.contactNumber}} price send sms: {{result.priceOriginating | vasPriceFormat}}
price receive sms: {{result.priceTerminating | vasPriceFormat}}
Valid from: {{result.fromDate}}
Valid to: {{result.toDate}}
{{result.minuteCost | vasPriceFormat}}
License: {{result.gamblingLicense}}
License: N/A

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