LEDs on your PLC-adapter Wi-Fi extender

What do the LED indicators on your Wi-Fi extender mean? You can watch our videos in Dutch or in French.

Wi-Fi extender



  • Light on: the Wi-Fi extender is on.
  • Flashing light: the PLC is being configured.

dLANdLAN (connection with the PLC network)

  • Green: the signal is excellent and allows HD flow.
  • Yellow: the signal is excellent and allows HD flow.
  • Rouge: the signal is weak. Move the PLC closer.

If the dLAN LED is orange, red or off: check that the cables are properly plugged. If that doesn't work, restart the Wi-Fi extender.

EthernetEthernet (connection with the Ethernet network)

  • Fixed light: there is a connection with the Ethernet network.
  • Flashing light: data is currently being transferred.

Wi-FiWi-Fi (connection with the wireless network)

  • Flashing light: the Wi-Fi connection is being used.
  • Fast flashing light: the Wi-Fi is being configured.


Wifi on offWi-Fi on/off

To activate or deactivate Wi-Fi.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

To connect your WPS device.


To synchronise your PLC adapters and configure the Wi-Fi network.

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