Settings for an FTP connection to update your website

It is no longer possible to create a free website.

Free websites are only available for existing users. 

To transfer your web pages on the web server, you must use a software that supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Enter the following settings to establish a connection with the web server:

  • Host or server name:
  • FTP port: 21
  • User name: the login of your Internet connection
  • Password: the password of your Internet connection

You can connect to an existing web space on Most Web editors have their own FTP software for site management. This enables you to easily adapt and upload your webpage with the same software used for Web edition.

If the web editor you are using has no integrated FTP software, you can always use a separate FTP software like FileZilla.

Since there is a huge number of web editors and FTP softwares, we advise you to consult the help texts or the manual of your application to learn about its specific features.