LEDs on your Wi-Fi Booster

Is your Wi-Fi Booster working properly? To make sure, check its LEDs.

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Power LED Power 

This LED indicates whether the Wi-Fi Booster is turned on. If it isn't, check if the power cable is correctly plugged in and that the switch at the back of the device is on I.

Link quality LED Link Quality 

If the switch on the back of the Wi-Fi Booster is on Access point or if the Wi-Fi Booster is connected to the b-box via an ethernet cable, this LED must be off.

If the switch on the back of the Wi-Fi Booster is on Auto, Repeater or Station, this LED must be on. It indicates if the Wi-Fi Booster is connected to the modem via Wi-Fi:

  •  Témoin lumineux Signal parfait (lumière verte)Green = perfect signal.
  • Témoin lumineux Signal correct (lumière jaune)Yellow = acceptable signal.
  • Témoin lumineux Signal de mauvaise qualité (lumière rouge)Red = weak signal. The Wi-Fi Booster must be moved or a second one used to amplify the signal. We advise you to place the receiver in a high, well-aired place, and not in cupboards or shelves.
  • LED off = no signal. Your Wi-Fi Booster is too far away or very disturbed by its indoor (e. g. appliances) or outdoor environment. In this case, we advise you to restart the b-box, then the Wi-Fi Booster. Still not working? Bring the Wi-Fi Booster closer to the b-box.

Access Point LED Access Point 

If the switch on the back of the Wi-Fi Booster is on Station, this LED must be off.

If the switch on the back of the Wi-Fi Booster is set to Auto, Access Point or Repeater, this LED must be on. Isn't he? We recommend that you restart the installation and synchronization of the Wi-Fi Booster.


This LED indicates the status of the synchronization between the b-box 3 modem and the Wi-Fi Booster. Normally, this LED is turned off. If you want to synchronize or resynchronize the Wi-Fi Booster and the b-box 3, press the WPS button of the b-box 3 and then that of the Wi-Fi Booster within two minutes. The WPS LED will start flashing for about two minutes, and then turn off. This means that the synchronization is completed.

Red LED? The Wi-Fi Booster is too far from the b-box when synchronizing. Bring it closer together and start the synchronization again.

W-Fi 2.4 Wi-Fi 5.0Wi-Fi

2.4 or 5 LED will light up:

  • permanently when a device is connected to the Wi-Fi Booster's Wi-Fi.
  • flashing when a device is using the Wi-Fi Booster's Wi-Fi.

Depending on the devices (GSM, computer, etc.), LED 2.4 or 5 will light up.

This LED remains off when you are close to the Wi-Fi Booster with your device? Your device probably remained connected to the Wi-Fi of the b-box. We recommend that you deactivate wi-fi on your device and then reactivate it. Your device should then connect to the Wi-Fi Booster's Wi-Fi and one of the 2.4 or 5 LEDs should light up. 


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