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How do you know that you have a new PhoneMail message?

There are several ways to be notified of a new incoming PhoneMail message.

You are in any case automatically notified of every new message when you pick up the receiver. As soon as you have listened to the new messages, this notification disappears.

In addition, you can determine whether you also want to be notified by telephone, text message or e-mail.. To set your preference, call 1969. Select option 3 "Settings" and then option 4 "Message notification", and follow the instructions.

  • An automatic phone call to your own phone (default)
    You will receive a call on your landline phone and hear an automatic notification.
  • An automatic phone call to another number
    You will receive a call at the number of your choice (e.g., your mobile) and hear an automatic notification.
  • A text message
    You will receive a text message on your mobile or your landline phone (if possible) indicating the number of messages received and the telephone number of the person who left the last message, unless that message came from an anonymous number.
  • An e-mail
    You will receive a notification e-mail at the e-mail address of your choice.

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