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TV on phone or web: how much of your data bundle does it use up?

You use up data when you watch TV on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

How many MB do you use per hour to watch TV on the go?

  • Via the Proximus Pickx app: between 500 MB (standard definition) and 700 MB (high definition) per hour.
  • Via between 675 MB (standard definition) and 735 MB (high definition) per hour.

This data is deducted from your fixed Internet subscription (if you watch TV via Wi-Fi) or your mobile subscription (if you watch via the 5G, 4G or 3G network).

Are you a Tuttimus or Minimus customer? Each mobile number included in your pack receives 1 GB of free internet volume and more to watch the TV app in Belgium and in the European Union.

Are you EPIC customer ?  The usage of the TV app is included in your EPIC combo subscription.

So, how much of your data bundle have you used for TV this month?

There are 3 ways to keep track of your usage


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