New Proximus TV menu

Your Proximus TV menu has changed or will change soon. This update is free of charge and it will occur automatically. You will be notified personally.

How can you know if you already have the new Proximus TV menu?

  • After the update: the menu begins with Ma bibliothèque, télévision and shop (if your TV menu is in French) or with Mijn bibliotheek, televisie and shop (if your TV menu is in Dutch).
  • Before the update: the menu began with Télévision, à la demande, recommandé pour moi or with Televisie, op aanvraag, voor mij aanbevolen.
Image stays stuck on the same screen and nothing happens?

The first start-up after the update takes more time than usual. If you see a black screen or a welcome screen for more than 5 minutes and nothing happens, restart your devices. If you see an error message, reset your devices.

What has changed on your TV?

After the update you will be able to navigate faster and easier through the menu. Moreover, you will have direct access to your recordings and channels, etc.

How to navigate?

Press the menu key to display the new Proximus TV menu on your screen. There are two ways in which to navigate (using the arrows to the left and right of the OK key ):

  • Via the images. In the middle, you will see the channel that you watched most recently. On the left side, you will find your recordings, rented movies and passes. On the right side, you will see a selection of movies and series from our catalogue.
  • Via the text. In the section Télévision (or Televisie) you will find the TV guide and the programs that are now aired on TV. In the section Ma bibliothèque (or Mijn bibliotheek), you will see your recordings, rented movies and the Passes you have purchased. In the shop you can rent movies and series on demand or purchase an option: a channel package, a movies or series Pass or a football subscription.

Please note, temporarily you cannot use the info button Info key (Proximus TV remote) to navigate to other channels and programs.

How do you watch a channel, record a program, rent a movie, etc.?
  • Access TV channels and the TV guide
    1. Choose Télévision (or Televisie) in the main menu.
    2. Select now on TV to view the TV programs of the different channels that are showing currently or select TV guide to view the entire schedule of TV programs already shown, showing now or to be shown in the future.

    Tip: your football channels and a competion calendar can also be found in this section.

  • Program a recording
    • Via the TV guide: select a program, press OK, and choose record (one episode or all episodes).
    • Directly via the channel: when the program is showing, press the REC button of your remote.
  • Watch a recorder program
    1. Choose my library in the main menu.
    2. Choose movies, series and TV for an overview of your ongoing recordings and programs you have already recorded or choose planning for an overview of the recordings you have programmed so you can manage any recording conflicts.
  • Rent a TV program, a movie or a series or choose your gift film
    1. Choose Shop in the main menu.
    2. Select Movies or series or TV on demand. Depending on your Pack, you get a free movie per month in the catalog film cadeau (in French) or kadofilm (in Dutch).
    3. Make your choice, press OK to validate, and follow the procedure on the screen.

    Tip: make it easier to find a film or series. Select Shop > Movies and choose a category. Or use the filters on the left of the screen.

  • Buy a channel package, Pass, or football subscription
    1. Choose Shop in the main menu.
    2. Select Subscription to find the list of all our channel packages, unlimited Passes and football subscriptions.
    3. Make your choice, press OK to validate, and follow the procedure on the screen.
  • Listen to a radio channel
    1. Choose Télévision (or Televisie) in the main menu.
    2. Select Stations de radio(or Radiozenders).
    3. Make your choice and press OK to validate

What has changed on your mobile or tablet?

From now on, you can also download the new Proximus TV application on your smartphone or tablet. You will only have access to this app if you already have the new TV menu on your television.

The new app makes it simpler to watch live TV or record remotely. Moreover, you can now use your mobile or tablet as remote control.

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