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List of channels on TV and Pickx app

Which channels are available on your TV or on your Proximus Pickx app?

Click on the link corresponding to your region to view and print the list of channels:

If you wish, you can easily customize the order of the channels.

Do you live in or around Brussels? The prefix of your fixed line is 02? We offer you additional possibilities to renumber TV channels. We explain how to do this renumbering. Consult and print the alternative list in French(.pdf) and Dutch(.pdf).

Do you have an Epic combo?
The list of available channels is on the Epic website.
What to do in the regional news channel is the first to be displayed?

Do you want to have a new and more practical channel classification? We recommend that you opt for a new decoder. Do you rent your decoder? No problem: you will soon receive a new decoder. Have you bought your decoder (see below)? We recommend that you switch to a new rental decoder. Would you prefer to keep your old decoder? You will now find the national channels from number 401 onwards.

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