Take the plug out of the socket during a storm

Storms and lightning may be difficult to predict, but you can still take the necessary precautions.

Tip: when you unplug your electrical appliances and multimedia, don't forget your Proximus equipment. It's just as sensitive as any other electrical device!

So always unplug your modem, decoders, and Wi-Fi devices during a storm. And check the weather forecast on meteo.be.

Extra tip from our experts

Make sure the plug is at least 1 meter away from the socket, to avoid the risk of a lightning spark jumping across. So play it safe, and you won't miss any Red Devils action during these "charged" periods!


Unplug the cables of your modem (b-box 3 or b-box 2, b-box, etc.)

B-box 3


Unplug the cables of your decoder (V5 mini or V5, V4, etc.)

Decoder V5

Wi-Fi devices

Unplug the cables of your Wi-Fi devices (Wi-Fi Extender or Wi-Fi Bridge, etc.)

Wi-Fi Extender

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