Watch content with SwipeBox

Want to view your photos, videos, etc. on your television set? To do so, use the SwipeBox app on your mobile or tablet. Or use the apps on your SwipeBox.

Watch content via your mobile or tablet

Open the SwipeBox app onto your mobile or tablet. You will see an overview of all content available to show on your TV.

  • Content stored on your mobile or tablet
    E.g. music, photos and videos stored on your smartphone.

  • Content stored on a device in your local network
    E.g. a computer or network drive.
    NB In order to be able to watch this content on your TV, you first have to make this content visible via your computer.

  • Content stored in the cloud
    E.g. Proximus Cloud, Google Photos, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, podcasts (video and audio) and Internet radios.

Watch content via your SwipeBox

Press the Home key on the remote control and go to Applications. You will see an overview of all apps available to show on your TV.

You need to download and install the apps once in order to use them.

  • With the MyMedia app you can watch content stored on:

    • A device connected to the USB of your SwipeBox, e.g. an external hard drive or flash drive.

    • A micro SD card inserted into your SwipeBox.

  • With the YouTube app you can watch videos on your TV screen.

  • With the Radioline app you can listen to hundreds of radio stations via your TV.


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