Tips for surfing the Web cheaply

Most mobile phones enable you to surf on the Internet and use applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. That’s why we have activated mobile Internet by default in all our rate plans so everyone can surf the Internet.

We will be happy to help you keep your Internet usage under control. Just take a little time to read these tips. That way you will be able to enjoy mobile Internet on your mobile or tablet without any worries.

Adjust the settings of your mobile or tablet

On some mobile devices you can synchronize your e-mails and calendar. This automatic synchronization is very useful but can result in additional data usage. For that reason we advise you to adjust your settings so that, for example, only manual synchronization is possible.

Your e-mail traffic can also increase your data usage. Did you know that you can adjust your e-mail settings so that only the heading of a new e-mail message is displayed? After that you can decide for yourself whether or not to download the e-mail in its entirety.

To adjust the settings of your mobile or tablet, we recommend that you consult the user instructions of your device.

Preferably surf to mobile websites

Many popular websites also have a mobile variant that consumes much less data , for example m.google.com or m.facebook.com.

If such a mobile website is available, your device will usually send you there automatically. If you enter, say, www.facebook.com in the Internet browser of your mobile, you will automatically arrive on m.facebook.com.

Be careful with applications that use a lot of data

When you buy a mobile or tablet it will usually feature quite a number of free applications such as Google Maps, Facebook and YouTube. These applications often use a lot of data. And when you want to download new apps yourself, you will need a data connection. We recommend downloading new applications or app updates via Wi-Fi.

So if you want to use apps, it’s best that you have a suitable rate plan.

Use Wi-Fi with your mobile or tablet

Most devices also enable you to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Not only is surfing via Wi-Fi cheaper than surfing via mobile Internet, but there are also other differences between Wi-Fi and mobile Internet.

To protect your personal data, it’s better that you surf only on Wi-Fi networks that are password-protected.

Turn off your Wi-Fi when you have finished surfing. This will extend your battery charge. To that end, take a look in the user instructions of your device.

Monitor your usage

Check for yourself how much mobile surfing you've done: monitor your usage with MyProximus (via the app or the website).
What's more, we send you a text message about your usage, e.g. when you exceed a certain volume of data.

Social rate?

Maybe you can benefit from a reduced rate granted on social grounds?
Check the information on social rate and how you can submit an application.

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