Proximus stops providing  “domain name” services

Proximus has decided to stop selling domain name service as of 31/03/2024. However, our partner ClearMedia, part of the Proximus group, will take over the management of this service.

There's nothing for you to do. We will ensure the transfer to ClearMedia, with whom you will continue to benefit from the "Domain Name" service without any service interruption and at the same price (unless your domain name was included free of charge in a pack or Internet offer - in this case, it will become payable). Instead of a monthly invoice from Proximus, you'll receive an annual invoice from ClearMedia.

From 31/03/2024, payment will be made directly to ClearMedia and your Proximus subscription will be automatically terminated. You won't need to change anything on your site, and your login details will remain valid.

You don't like the change and want to cancel the service? You can send us your cancellation request from today until 31/03/2024, by filling in our web form. After this date, your service will be transferred to our partner ClearMedia.