Add subdomains

Subdomains are variations of your domain name which replace the "www" for your domain name.

A subdomain is particularly useful if you want to shorten a long link (e.g. instead of, display another website on the subdomain, or refer to a specific part of your website.

Follow the steps below to add a subdomain:

  1. Log in with your username and password on Password forgotten? Set a new password.
  2. Click Hosted Domains.
    Hosted Domains
  3. Click Add New Subdomain.
    Add New Subdomain
  4. Fill in the fields as shown below and click Next:
    Add new website
    • Subdomain name: choose a name for the subdomain you wish to create. In this example, we create a web shop.
    • Hosting: here, you decide where your visitors are redirected when they surf to your subdomain. You have different possibilities:
      • None: your subdomain redirects nowhere and visitors will also see nothing if they surf to your subdomain.
      • Parking: your subdomain redirects to your domain name. Visitors will arrive on the same page whether they surf to the subdomain or the domain name.
      • Single Page Website: your subdomain redirects to a single page for which you must enter the HTML code. Use this preferably if you want to quickly and easily change your subdomain, e.g. if your web shop is closed for the holidays or is in construction.
      • Frame Forwarding: your subdomain redirects to another website which opens in a frame, but the visitor sees your domain name in their internet browser, e.g. you redirect to the web shop of your partner but don't want the visitor to know this. NB: the website to which you redirect must allow Frame Forwarding!
      • Standard Forwarding: your subdomain redirects to a specific link. Visitors see this link in their internet browser. This can be your own domain name (e.g. where you’ve created a folder for your web shop) or an external website.
      • Website Alias: your subdomain redirects to one of your other subdomains, e.g. redirects to
      • Website (Apache): links to your Linux web hosting, only visible if you have Linux web hosting.
      • Website (Microsoft IIS): links to your Windows web hosting, only visible if you have Windows web hosting.
    • Subscription: if you have several subscriptions, choose the right subscription here.
  5. Depending on the option you have chosen under hosting, enter the requested link or HTML code and click Next.
    Enter the URL of the website or HTML code.
  6. Click Finish.
    Overview of the subdomain that will be created

Your subdomain has been added.