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Choose or exchange a SIM card

To call, text or browse you need a SIM card that works with your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

There are three sizes:

  • Standard SIM (large)
  • Micro SIM (smaller)
  • Nano SIM (smallest)
Each card contains these three sizes (which you push out).

Example of a SIM card

Choose the correct size

  1. Check the manual for your device.
  2. Your SIM card is free of charge: pick up your new card or exchange your old one at a point of sale. Attention, if you want to swap or pick up a SIM card for someone else, you need to bring a letter of attorney. Did your employer provide your with a SIM card? Contact the person in charge within your company to replace your SIM card.
  3. Push out the correct size (Standard, Micro or Nano), so it fits into your device.
    Pushed out the wrong size? You can obtain a new card at a point of sale.
With the switch, you will lose the data on your old SIM card.

If possible, try to copy all your contacts, etc. onto your device beforehand, or have the data transferred to your new SIM card at a point of sale.


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