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Retrieve your PUK code to unblock your SIM card

Did you forget your PIN code? You have to choose a new PIN code by entering the wrong PIN code 3 times. Enter your PUK code and choose a new PIN code.
Did you enter the wrong PIN code 3 times? Enter your PUK code to unblock the SIM card of your mobile and choose a new PIN code.

There are 3 ways to retrieve your PUK code:

Via the MyProximus website
  1. Log in to MyProximus to view your products.
    View your products
  2. Click on your mobile number.
  3. You will now see your PUK code on the left side of the screen.

    PUK code shown on the left side of the screen, under your subscription and mobile number.
    Don't see your PUK code? Maybe you're not an administrator in MyProximus.
Via our contact page
  1. Surf to our contact page.
  2. Click I know my number, enter your mobile number and press OK.
  3. Click Mobile phone lost or stolen? PUK or PIN code lost?.
  4. Click PUK code lost.
  5. Depending on what is requested, enter your customer number or SIM card number and click OK. You will find your customer number on your bill and your SIM card number on the SIM card in your device.
  6. You will now see your PUK code. Enter it on your mobile phone and choose a new PIN code.
Via the welcome letter

Look on the SIM card holder you received in your welcome letter. If there are 2 PUK codes mentioned, always use PUK1.

Note: Don’t confuse the PIN code of your SIM card with the entry code of your mobile. Our PIN code has 4 digits and our PUK code has 8 digits. If more or fewer numbers asked, contact the manufacturer of your device.

Be careful when entering your PUK code.
If you enter the wrong PUK code 10 times, your SIM card will be blocked permanently. In that case you will need to request a new SIM card in a point-of-sale.

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