Solve problems with your telephone exchange

Often you can resolve problems without having to call our technical service. You should only perform these checks with the approval of your administrator.

Looking for a manual or software for your telephone exchange or telephone? Check out our telephone exchange manuals for programmation codes, call forwarding, management software etc.

Solve a general issue

If you are experiencing problems with internal or external communications, the on-hold music or the answering machine of your telephone exchange, a reset may be the solution. During a reset, all internal and external communications will be interrupted and your system cannot be used. This can take up to 20 minutes.

  1. Check that the power cord of your telephone exchange is properly plugged in. If there is no power (230V), plug the power cord into another wall socket.
  2. Do a reset of your telephone exchange:
    • Forum 500 and 5000: Disconnect the Forum UPS back-up supply and unplug the power cord from the wall socket for a few seconds before reconnecting everything again.
    • Forum 700 and 7000: Switch off the system by pressing the ON/OFF button (top right on the front panel of the telephone exchange) until the POWER indicator lights up red. Press the ON/OFF button to switch the system on again.

Solve a problem with a fixed phone

Follow these steps to solve your problem:

  1. Disconnect the cables of your phone and reconnect them again. It may take a few minutes before your phone has started up again.
  2. Make sure the cable of your phone is properly plugged into the wall socket which your administrator has provided for this purpose.
  3. Connect your phone with a different cable.
  4. Connect your phone to the wall socket of another functioning phone.

Solve a problem with a cordless phone

Follow these steps to solve your problem:

  1. Remove the batteries and reinsert them in your phone.
  2. Make sure the plug of the power supply is properly plugged into the electrical contact.
  3. Put your phone in the charger and switch it on. If your phone doesn't react, plug the charger into a different electrical contact and check that the batteries of the phone are sufficiently charged.
  4. Test your phone in the proximity of the antennas.

If you are still having problems after performing these checks, or if a phone is faulty, please contact your administrator. As an administrator, please call our customer service.

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