Norton Internet Security (no longer sold)

How do you install the antivirus program you ordered from us on your computer? This depends on the software and the purchase date.

  • If you placed your order after 1 July 2014, you ordered Norton Security 1 or 5. Find out how to install Norton on a mobile, tablet or computer.
  • If you placed your order before 1 July 2014, you ordered Norton Internet Security. This antivirus program is no longer sold but remains reliable nevertheless. Find out below how to download and install it on your computer.

How do you download Norton Internet Security?

The link to download Norton Internet Security can be found in your MyProximus.

  1. Log in to MyProximus to view your products.

    View your products
  2. In the Internet section, click the Internet subscription you are interested in.
  3. Different boxes are available at the bottom of the screen: Subscription, Services, etc. In the Services box, you will see the list of Internet options that have been activated. Click the + symbol beside Norton Internet Security to view the details of this option.
  4. Click the Manage button. Note down the activation PIN code displayed on your screen and click the Download the program in English link.
  5. Next, choose a version supported by your operating system (Windows XP, Vista or 7: what's your operating system?).
    • If your operating system is newer than Windows XP Service Pack 2, click Belgacom PC Security 2013.
    • If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2 or an older operating system, click Belgacom PC Security 2006.
  6. Click the Download button to save the file Norton_Download_Manager.exe on your computer. Downloading Norton can take a few minutes and depends on your Internet speed.

How do you install Norton Internet Security?

After downloading Norton Internet Security, you will still need to install this antivirus program on your computer to be protected against viruses, spyware, spam, etc.

  1. After downloading and saving the Norton_Download_Manager.exe file on your computer, double-click this file to start the Norton installation.
  2. A warning message appears: click the Run button to confirm the installation. If needed, enter the login and password of the person who has administrator rights on this computer.
  3. Read and accept the Norton license contract by clicking Agree and Install.
  4. Norton is installed on your computer and will launch straight away.
  5. The installation is completed. However, you still need to activate the antivirus program. Click the Explore Norton Internet Security Online button to register your Norton product. You have two possibilities:
    • If you have already installed Norton Internet Security on your computer (e.g. a previous version), the activation should occur automatically.
      The screen below will appear immediately, confirming that the antivirus program has been activated on your computer.

      Your antivirus program is activated, but might not be up to date yet

    • If this is the 1st time you install Norton Internet Security on your computer, follow the steps below.
      1. Enter your activation code, i.e. the PIN code you have used to download the anti-virus program and click the Activate button.

        Enter your PIN code to activate Norton

      2. Then enter the name of your computer and click the Activate button again.

        Enter the name of your computer

      3. When the antivirus program has been activated, you will see the screen below. Your antivirus program is activated, but might not be up to date yet.

        Your antivirus program is activated, but might not be up to date yet

  6. Norton Internet Security will automatically launch an update to download the latest software updates and virus definitions. You will see the screen below once the antivirus program has been activated and is up to date.

    Your computer is now protected by the antivirus

Norton is now completely operational and your computer is now protected by your antivirus program.

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