How to grant or remove access to MyProximus?

Do you want to grant or remove access to your MyProximus environment? Read the information below.

How can I grant access to another user?

Any person can easily have access to your MyProximus environment. The person in question simply has to perform the online registration procedure.

All users within your organization will be informed when a new user has registered to your MyProximus.

How can I remove the access of a user?

Visit the My customer details page on MyProximus as mentioned above to see where to find it.

Next to each user on the My customer details page you will find a button to remove the user from the MyProximus platform.

I can’t remove a user from MyProximus, what to do?

If the system tells you that the user cannot be deleted, it means that user is the Single Point Of Contact (=SPOC) for the Proxifleetmanager tool. In that case you will have to contact our helpdesk at 0800 55 301 to assign a new Proxifleetmanager SPOC for your organization.

Where can I find an overview of my users?

You can easily consult which users within your organization have access to your organizations MyProximus environment:

  1. Go to the My Administration page.
  2. Select the Modify my profile link within the MyProximus profile portlet.
  3. Select the My customer details tab.

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