Administrator or user in MyProximus?

In MyProximus, certain people (the "administrators") can manage all the subscriptions (Internet, mobile, TV, fixed line, etc.) with the same customer number of your company or organization. The rest (the "users") only see their own mobile usage. How does this work in practice?

Who is an administrator and who is a user?

Example: Company Smith ltd (customer number 123456789)

Philip Smith
sees/manages all

Mary Jones
User 1
sees own mobile

Thomas Taylor
User 2
sees own mobile

  • As an administrator in MyProximus (web and app) you manage for your company:
    • The bills, usage and options of all your subscriptions with the same customer number (web and app)
    • Bizz Club points (web and app)
    • Activation of paid options (web and app)
    • Access to OneDrive for Business (web)
    • Access to Proximus TV, the Cloud and Foot 11 (web and app)
  • As a user in MyProximus (web and app) you only manage:
    • Usage of your own mobile (web and app)
    • Activation of free options for your mobile (web and app)

Check if you are administrator or user:

  • in the MyProximus app: tap your name at the top left.
  • on the MyProximus web site: look at your role.
How can you become an administrator?

In your company, you can have several administrators per customer number. You are a user but want to become an administrator?

  1. First check whether you can become an administrator. Anyone in your company (with or without a mobile phone) can become an administrator unless they:
    • Usage of your own mobile (web and app)
    • Activation of free options for your mobile (web and app)
  2. Inform the current administrator (if there is one) that you want to become administrator (as well).
  3. Log in as usual on MyProximus (website).
  4. Click in the box More functionalities on Become administrator. Provide your customer number.
  5. You are now an administrator. Any other administrator(s) will be informed about the change by e-mail.

You are either an administrator or a user: it is not possible to delegate certain parts of MyProximus, whether within or outside your company.

Are you a residential customer? In that case, there can only be one administrator.

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