Add an account in the MyProximus app

Do you have several mobile subscriptions? Would you like to consult the usage of a family member or colleague? Does your partner or one of your children need more mobile data?

Add their account to the MyProximus app and manage their products. Keep their username and password at hand.

  1. Open the MyProximus app.
  2. Tap in the circle on the the left corner on your picture or your initials.
    You see the logoinstead? Log in first with your own credentials.
  3. Tap on Change account and on Add an account.
  4. Enter the username and password that the person uses to log in to the MyProximus website. Tap Sign In.
  5. The new account will open and you'll be able to see and manage that person's products.

After that, you can easily switch from one account to another by tapping at the top on the photo or the initials and on Change account .

This doesn't work?

  • Have you lost your username or forgotten your password?
    Request a login or set a new password.
  • The account you are trying to add is blocked?
    If you enter a wrong password three times, your access will be blocked for 20 minutes for security reasons. If the mobile phone of the other account is close by, you can set a new password. Or, you can wait for 20 minutes.
  • Do you not see your own name at the top left, but that of a colleague or relative?
    Then change your account details via the MyProximus website.
  • Do you receive the error message "MyProximus is currently not available"?
    This means there's a technical problem with MyProximus. Please try again later.