Problems with your Mobile Coverage Extender (PRO)

Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro): service and support ends on June 13, 2022
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Do you have a poor signal with your Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro)? Do you experience disruptions, or lack of coverage? Try one of the following solutions.

Do you have a poor signal?

  • Be sure to install your device in an open, central room in your home. Avoid garages and storage corners, and don't place your Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) next to a window or door. This way, you’ll have better coverage in your home or office. If necessary, you can:
    • lengthen your cables (NB: the cable between your Mobile Coverage Extender and modem cannot be longer than 50 meters).
    • use an Ethernet adapter (also called a Devolo or PLC).
  • If insufficient coverage is provided by the Mobile Coverage Extender, you can switch to one or several Mobile Coverage Extender Pro devices. These offer greater coverage (from 200 to 1000 m² per device, depending on the building).

Do you experience disruptions while calling or surfing ?

  • Does your Internet connection sometimes get cut? As soon as the maximum number of users has been reached (4 for the Mobile Coverage Extender and 16 for the Mobile Coverage Extander Pro), calling takes priority over surfing. Your data session will be paused until the call has ended.
    We advise you to always surf via Wi-Fi or the cable network to keep the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) free for mobile calls.
  • Does your call sometimes get cut? Calls that start on the Proximus network cannot switch to the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro), so your call may be interrupted if you are outside and move indoors. Also, if you are inside and move outside, your call may be interrupted if there is no network available outside.

You don't have a signal?

When you are connected to the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro), the name of the mobile network will change from 'Proximus' to 'Proximus.' (with an extra period at the end). What if this is not the case?

If your problem is still not solved, contact our customer service.

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