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Create or delete an extra mailbox

Create an extra mailbox for your children, partner or yourself (e.g. to have more storage space for your e-mails). The number of free mailboxes you can have depends on your Internet subscription.

How do you create an extra mailbox?

  1. Log in to MyProximus to view your products.

    View your products
  2. Click Proximus Mail.
  3. Click Create a new mailbox on the left.
    Click 'Create a new mailbox' in MyProximus.
  4. Fill out the fields:
    • Type in your chosen e-mail address in the empty field.
    • Enter a new password for your mailbox.
      Your password needs to be between 8 and 15 characters long, contain at least 1 number and 1 capital letter, special characters are allowed.
    • Re-enter the same password.
      Choose an e-mail address and enter your password twice.
  5. Click Create.

Your mailbox is now created. Set up your e-mail on your gsm, tablet or computer to read and send e-mails.

How do you delete an extra mailbox?

It is not possible to delete a mailbox. But you can delete or change the e-mail addresses linked to a mailbox.

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