Why is IMAP better than POP3?

To read your e-mails via a mail application (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) you need to choose and set up a protocol (POP3 or IMAP. We advise you to use IMAP.

  • Accessibility
    With POP3, your e-mails are downloaded once onto your mobile, tablet or computer. With IMAP, your e-mails are stored in our server so that you can access them via all your devices.
  • Synchronization
    Synchronization is not possible with POP3. If you read, send or delete e-mail with IMAP, you will immediately see this on all your devices.
  • Folders
    With POP3 you only have the standard folders (Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc.). With IMAP, you can create your own folders, move them, etc.
  • Storage capacity
    With POP3, your e-mails are stored on your hard disk, so you have an almost unlimited amount of storage space. With IMAP however you are limited to the size of your mailbox.

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