Forward your e-mails to another e-mail address

Send your incoming e-mails automatically to another e-mail address. For example, you can send the messages you receive on your Proximus e-mail address to your Gmail account. This process is called mail forwarding or redirection.

The received e-mails are only saved in the mailbox to which you forward them.

  1. Log on to Proximus Mail with your e-mail address and password. To quickly access Proximus Mail, surf to or click the Webmail icon in the top right corner.

    Log on to Proximus Mail
    Attention, your e-mail address and password of your mailbox are different from your MyProximus username and password!
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click E-mail.
  4. Click Mail forwarding.
  5. Select Enable forwarding.
  6. Type in the e-mail address where your messages will be forwarded to.
  7. Save your configuration.

From now on, all incoming e-mails of the mailbox concerned will be automatically sent to the chosen e-mail address. If you want to stop the mail forwarding, simply repeat the above steps but check the Disable forwarding box to deactivate the mail forwarding.

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