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Mailbox and e-mail address

What's the difference between a mailbox and an e-mail address? A mailbox can be compared to a letterbox:

  • Your e-mail address (sometimes called an alias) is the address to which your mail is sent.
  • Your mailbox is the letterbox where your mail arrives.

A few examples:

  • All the residents of a house – mum, dad, son and daughter – use the same letterbox. The person who opens the letterbox will find mail for the whole family.
    This is like having one mailbox with four different e-mail addresses linked to it.
  • In an apartment building with four apartments, all the residents have their own mailbox. Everyone receives their own mail and have no access to the mail of another person.
    This is like having four different mailboxes, each with its own e-mail address.

Should you get an extra e-mail address or an extra mailbox?
If you have small children and want to control their e-mails, it's better to add an extra e-mail address to your existing mailbox. If you want your children to have their own mailbox, add an extra mailbox to your account.

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