Personalize and use your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi

Have you ordered Bizz Guest Wi-Fi to offer your visitors Wi-Fi Internet access at your business? We will explain how to personalize and use it. No installation is required. Bizz Guest Wi-Fi is activated immediately after you order. But you can benefit even more from your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi by personalizing the name of your Wi-Fi network, your connection page, and by adding links to your website, social media, etc.

To install Bizz Guest Wi-Fi you need a b-box 3 modem. When you order, we will check if you have one. If you don't, we will send you one free of charge by bpost. Once you've received and connected it you can personalize your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi.

b-box 3

To connect to the Internet, your visitors will have to display the connection page for your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi. You can personalize this connection page:

  1. Log in to MyProximus. Don't have a MyProximus account yet? Sign up.
    View your products Opens a new window
  2. In the list of your products, go to Bizz Guest Wi-Fi.
  3. In the Bizz Guest Wi-Fi box, choose a name of your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi. This name will appear in the list of Wi-Fi networks your visitors see. Validate.
  4. Click Manage your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi.
  5. Click Settings.
  6. Enter the name of your company and the type of activity. Validate.
  7. Choose the maximum connection time for each visitor, then indicate the links to your pages on social media. They will appear on your connection page. Validate.
  8. Indicate the name of your connection page and choose a background screen for it. If you like, you can download an advertisement page which will appear before the connection page is displayed. Validate.

That’s it! The connection page of your visitors to Bizz Guest Wi-Fi has been personalized. You can change it any time.

The use statistics of your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi are available on MyProximus > Products > Bizz Guest Wi-Fi > Manage your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi > Analysis.

Your private wi-fi will always be given priority over that used by your visitors. Don't hesitate to consult our tips for improving your Wi-Fi network.

Yes. The security of your personal data and Wi-Fi is guaranteed.

Want to improve your Wi-Fi, for you and your visitors? Consult our tips to improve your Wi-Fi.

The positioning of the b-box 3 in your building has an impact on the Wi-Fi coverage. If you have connection problems, we suggest you move it to a higher or more central location. Don't hesitate to follow our tips for improving your Wi-Fi.

If you're still having problems, you can order an additional Wi-Fi Hotspot with a new Internet access line.

For more extensive or specific needs, Proximus also offers a professional-grade solution called Enterprise Guest Wi-Fi which may meet your needs.

To access the Internet via Bizz Guest Wi-Fi, your visitors must:

  1. Look for available Wi-Fi networks in their mobile phone settings, or click the Network icon   on their computer.
  2. Connect to your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi on their device. You chose its name during the personalization of Bizz Guest Wi-Fi. Your Bizz Guest Wi-Fi connection page will appear.
  3. Create an account by entering their mobile number. They will then receive a text message containing a 4-digit PIN code which they must validate by entering it on your connection page.

Are they returning customers? In that case, they simply have to enter the same PIN code on your connection page.

If your returning customers have lost their PIN code, all they have to do is reconnect to Bizz Guest Wi-Fi.


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