Are there any costs if I cancel?

When you became a customer, you signed a contract for your mobile, landline, Internet and/or TV subscription.
Do you want to terminate this contract? You can do so free of charge without having to give a reason.
But in some cases, costs may be payable. Check this carefully before you terminate your contract.

  • If you change your mind within 14 days of purchasing a subscription or device, you can cancel the contract free of charge. You will only be charged for usage costs (calls made, data traffic, films purchased, etc.)..
  • If you received a device at a low-cost price with your subscription (mobile phone, TV set, game console, etc.) and this subscription is less than 24 months old, then you will be required to pay the residual value of the device. The duration of this contract is indicated on your bill or payment statement. The residual value is indicated in the amortization table you received when you concluded the contract for your mobile or fixed products. In the case of your mobile phone, you can also check the exact amount in MyProximus.
  • If, upon terminating the contract, you don't return the devices you rent from us (telephone, modem, decoder, etc.) or don't return them in a good condition, you may be required to pay charges for this.
  • If you rent a landline device from us and this device is less than 12 months old, you may be charged a fee.
  • If you have more than 5 landlines, special contract terms may apply.
  • If you terminate or change only certain parts of your subscription (a TV option, a mobile subscription, etc.), then there are no costs to be paid, except possible usage costs.
  • If you want to terminate a third party service (horoscope, games, etc.), a termination penalty may apply under the terms of the third party provider.You can stop pay-for texts and block pay-for numbers.
  • In the event of the subscriber’s death there are no termination penalties to be paid.

Any such above-mentioned costs will be put on the final bill or payment statement. You can terminate your contract by filling in the form. If you switch to another provider, the latter will deal with the termination of your mobile or internet/TV subscription (via Easy Switch). But you must pay the final bill or payment statement, including the above-mentioned costs.

You can read all this in detail in our legal and contractual information.


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