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Block your mobile and SIM card in case of loss or theft

Has your mobile been stolen? Or have you lost your mobile? Have your SIM card and mobile blocked as quickly as possible. After that you can pick up a new SIM card free of charge from a point-of-sale.

  1. Contact our customer service 24/7 to have your mobile and SIM card blocked. Keep the serial number of your phone on hand (Where can you find the serial number of your mobile?).
    • Do you have a subscription? In that case we can block your SIM card for up to three months.
    • Do you have a Pay&Go? In that case we cannot block your SIM card, but we can unlink your name from it.
  2. Go to a point-of-sale to pick up a new SIM card free of charge. Take your PIN and PUK codes with you so you can keep your telephone number (Where can you find your PUK code?)
    Please note: If you received your SIM card through your employer, you must contact the person in charge within your company to replace the SIM card.
  3. Don't forget to identify your SIM card again. This is only necessary if you have a Pay&Go.

Have you found your mobile or SIM card?

Contact our customer service to have your mobile unblocked.  Our staff can also reactivate your SIM card. If you already have a new SIM card, this is not necessary.

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