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Coronavirus: Proximus helps you through the crisis

Your health and that of our employees is our priority during the Coronavirus crisis. That's why:

  • Shops are re-opened, but we encourage you to take an appointment in the shop of your choice.
  • If you prefer an alternative way of talking to an expert, we can also offer you an appointment by videochat in French or in Dutch.
  • The interventions of our technicians are continuing to give priority to medical staff and customers whose connection to the network is threatened. If you had an intervention planned, we will contact you to reschedule it.
  • Online help and customer service are always available.

What's in it for you?

Receive, install, repair or return a product

Did you order a modem, decoder or Wi-Fi Booster? In most cases, it will be sent to you by mail and you will be able to install it yourself. If a technician is needed for the installation, he will come and help you by phone from outside the house, for security reasons.

Did you have to return a device? Don't worry. You will do so when the coronavirus crisis is over. There will be no penalty.

You had an appointment with a technician? We may have to reschedule it (including Happy House visits) to give priority to critical staff or customers whose network connection is threatened.  Check the date of your appointment.

Did you need to drop off or pick up a device in the shop? Sorry but our shops are closed for security reasons. We will soon offer you another solution.

Internet and TV

We offer you films on demand for free, also after the 20th of April! Cool, isn't it? We'll tell you how to watch them.
Tip: You can easily activate or change other TV options via the MyProximus app or MyProximus web.

Netflix, Youtube, Facebook and cie are a little slow? I'm sorry, but there's really nothing we can do about it. The most popular sites have had to reduce their bandwidth so that everyone can keep watching them. That's what sharing is all about :-)

Are you taking long to get our technicians on the phone? Let's keep calm during these complicated moments. We suggest that you look at our online help first.

You made recordings on Movies & Series in March but you no longer have access to them? Don't worry about it. You can activate the option for free one more month before you buy it. Time to discover a little more and watch your recordings...


Do you have trouble getting certain people on the phone? Don't worry and try again a little later. It's a temporary problem that will soon be solved.

Do you want to divert calls to another phone? If you have the paying option call forwarding, you can divert calls from your landline to another landline for free.

Tip: Consult your usage at any time on the MyProximus app or on MyProximus web.


Our Bizz Experts are at your disposal. Choose your contact mode.