Grant a user access to Bizz Club

MyProximus allows you as a user to exchange or transfer Bizz Club points, track orders or manage your contact details online.

Firstly, only the account manager of the customer number linked to your company's MyProximus account has access to Bizz Club. If you are not the account manager and would also like access, you will first need to ask your account manager to grant you access to Bizz Club via his MyProximus account.

How do you become the Bizz Club account manager?

The account manager is the person who manages the customer number that is linked to your company's MyProximus account. He has the same rights as a normal user, but in addition he manages, on behalf of the other users of your company, the access rights to the various applications in MyProximus, i.e. including to Bizz Club. Within the same company, there can be several account managers.

You can have yourself registered as the account manager of your company's MyProximus account whenever you want if you are in possession of the required billing data. There are various ways in which to find those.

How do you as the account manager grant access to Bizz Club?

Depending on the subscriptions on your company's bill, you as the account manager must follow one of the procedures described below to grant another person in your company access to Bizz Club via MyProximus.

Does your company have a bill with an Internet, TV or fixed-line subscription?

  1. Log in to your online profile.
  2. Click the My customer details tab.
  3. Click Search for my users and find the user to whom you wish to give access to Bizz Club.
  4. Select the user in question and click Manage e-Services.
  5. Once you click Confirm, your user will have access to Bizz Club. He will receive an e-mail informing him of his new access.

Does your company have a bill with only mobile numbers (and no other subscriptions)?

  1. Log in to your online services, click Administration and then User management.
  2. Click Create a new delegate user.
  3. In the overview of functional areas, select My Bizz Club.
  4. Click Change details and, if prompted, select the subsidiaries that the user must be a part of.
  5. Finish off by clicking Save twice. You and the new user will subsequently receive confirmation by e-mail.

Once that is done, each user can consult Bizz Club with his own MyProximus login and password. If the user does not yet have a MyProximus account of his own, he will first need to register online and request the Bizz Club access during the registration procedure. NB: This request will only be allowed if you as the account manager have already granted access.

Should you have any problems or questions regarding this, please call 0800 55 500 (choose the Bizz Club option).

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