Proximus’ employees do not tap their customers’ phone calls

Proximus strongly denies listening in on its customers’ phone calls. Following the article published in De Tijd today, Tuesday April 17th, Proximus wishes to provide some clarifications.

Regarding landlines, on the basis of the customer’s complaint and at his request, 13 lines were examined in 2017. For the year 2018, there have been only 3 cases so far. Those lines were tested in order to determine the cause of quality problems.

Since mid-2017, a small number of mobile calls have been made using the latest VoLTE technology. During the test phase, for this technology only (i.e. not for 2G nor 3G), calls were temporarily stored, for a maximum period of 5 days. Some calls from Proximus employees were listened in on at their request in order to check their quality. This test phase ended at the beginning of February 2018 and no phone calls have been stored or listened in on since.

Proximus acts in a fully transparent way vis-à-vis the Privacy Commission and has contacted it this morning on this subject.

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